5 Essential Rules for Easy Ironing

Who hasn’t procrastinated ironing until their closet was filled with wrinkled shirts? There are far more exciting ways to spend our time than ironing. But let’s face it, the chore must be done. Our appearance is our business card and a wrinkled shirt is, well, like a wrinkled business card.

One solution is to have them washed and pressed at the drycleaner, but for those who prefer a little more control and flexibility, a good old-fashioned wash at home is the way to go. In this case, spending some time on ironing once or twice a week is inevitable. What we can do however, is do it as efficiently as possible.

We won’t discuss ironing techniques here, but rather offer you five simple and essential rules that will make the chore easier. Promise.

Rule No.1 – Do not overload

The first rule is quite simple: do not overload (cramp up) the washing drum. Apart from the fact that it simply doesn’t do your washing machine or clothes any good, your laundry might come out all tangled up like spaghetti. Twisted and entangled garments have more wrinkles, and this is something we want to avoid.

As a rule of thumb, do not wash more than 7-8 shirts at a time.

Rule No. 2 – Go for low

After the machine wash cycle ends, the spin cycle starts. The higher the number of rotations per minute (RPM), the dryer your clothes will be when the program finishes.

However, wrinkle minimisation demands: the wetter the better. We want gravity to work in our favour, and heavy wet fabric evens out nicely when hung out to dry.

For this reason, we recommend a spin speed of no more than 800 RPM. Experiment the next couple of washes to see which spin cycle works best for you.

Rule No.3 – Time it and shake it

The next part of your new routine is to set a timer. Removing your shirts promptly after washing avoids wrinkles drying in. Take your shirt out of the washing drum, untangle it if necessary and grab the collar with two hands to give it a firm shake.

Before hanging your shirt out to dry, the seams, cuffs, front and back should be pulled straight to smooth out any remaining wrinkles. Believe us, this will cut down on a whole lot of ironing later.

Rule No. 4 – Iron when damp

Dry clothes are resistant to reshaping. A little moisture smooths the fibres, which quickens the flattening of the garment.

Therefore, the best time to iron is when your shirt is still slightly damp from washing. If it’s already dry, we recommend using a spray bottle to dampen it.

Rule No. 5 – Embrace a moment of rest

Ironing probably isn’t your favourite chore. But you might as well use the time to unwind. Ironing doesn’t require a lot of thinking, so consider it a type of meditation.

Make sure you have enough time to iron what needs to be done. Set yourself up in your living room, put on a little music and let it go.

We are confident that our Jazzy Ironing playlist on Spotify will get you in the mood.


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